Technology Solution Revolution: What It Means for Oil and Gas

Thanks to Industry 4.0, oil and gas companies now have access to more capable and easy-to-use technology than ever before. But implementing and utilizing that technology across the organization to increase productivity and profitability is still a challenge. So we asked our experts to weigh in and walk us through the why, what, and how. In this ebook, we'll hear from:

Lance Richardson, Co-founder, on how Industrial Technology Solutions Have Failed Us
Zach Holmquist, Chief Product Officer, on Industry 4.0: Why It Matters for Industrial Markets
Jonathan Scheiner, Chief Executive Officer, on The Two Keys to Powerful Industrial Technology: Convenience and Comfort

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Industry 4.0 + Oil and Gas

The Start of a New Era

The age of inefficient and hard-to-use technology is coming to an end. In its place comes an era of technology that provides convenience and comfort to its users.

"Tech made correctly truly makes our work lives easier and frees up the time and energy to refocus it in the right places. If your current solution is not functional, convenient, and comfortable, it’s time for an upgrade."
Jonathan Scheiner
Chief Executive Officer
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