5 Digital Marketing Must-Haves for Oilfield Service Companies

Learn the foundational elements of a digital marketing strategy that has the potential to generate new business opportunities and shorten sales cycles. This ebook covers five must-haves for oilfield service companies, including:

Crafting Your Digital Presence: Approaches to building a website; how to capture and route leads.
Making Sure Your Business is Found: Covering your social media and Google bases for more visibility.
Proving the Value: The two key metrics to track to show the value of your digital marketing efforts.

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OPERATION: go digital

Digitizing Every Aspect of Your Operations

The oil and gas industry is riddled with disintermediation and inefficiencies. But the solution is the same across the board: we must go digital to survive and thrive. From expanding our marketing strategies to meet the needs of our customers, to streamlining and simplifying our own internal complex processes, the answer lies in tech.

“At the end of the day, it’s all about going digital—whether it’s job site management, procurement, or even marketing.”
Lance Richardson
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