Planning & site management


Quickly plan projects, coordinate your team, and manage vendors in one place. Gain visibility into costs and more across all of your job sites.

Create visibility and accountability across teams.
Coordinate & Report
Organize and plan your projects along every phase.
Plan by Phase
Streamline and centralize your vendor management.
Connect with Vendors


Streamline Planning & Site Management

Whether it’s a construction project, drilling site, or a renewable energy build-out, FieldEye makes project planning and site management a breeze. Plan along the project lifecycle with phases that have clear start and end dates. Customize project templates and request quotes right from your project plan to ensure your specific equipment and services needs are met across every phase.


Coordinate & Create Complete Visibility

Keep all of your team members and internal stakeholders in the loop. Add individuals to project teams and upload project-specific documents to create a centralized base of operations. Supercharge visibility with real-time reports on project costs by category and vendor—without spending hours piecing together stacks of paperwork, emails, and texts.


Make the Most of Your Most Trusted Vendors

Don’t let scattered, decentralized vendor lists slow you down and stop you from identifying opportunities for optimization. Centralize your existing vendor information to quickly view contact details as well as vendor-specific activity and history. Then, streamline your procurement process and submit RFQs to your vendors in just a few clicks.

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Procurement Perfection from Quote to Order

Seamlessly move from planning to procurement in the same platform. FieldEye helps you effortlessly work with your approved vendors, request quotes, negotiate prices, and more all in one place.

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