When it comes to job site management software, there are many options and features out there—especially for those of us in oil and gas. This is why it is important to fully understand what job site management software is, how it works, and what it can do for you and your business. So, let's dive in. 

What is Job Site Management Software? 

Job site management software is technology that helps you manage your job sites more efficiently through increased visibility, tracking, data collection, and other features. The goal of this software is to give you the tools to optimize your sites, which translates into your job staying on budget and on time, helps you and your team solve problems quickly, and overall lessens stress and time spent on tedious tasks. 

What Can Job Site Management Software Do? 

Not all job site management software is created equal. So the abilities of the software will change from provider to provider, but generally, the software will give you the ability to streamline and simplify your operations. 

Some of the features that job site management software can have include:

  • Virtual organization and planning of job sites and assets
  • Increased visibility into job sites, assets, and product
  • Easy-to-assess information from anywhere 
  • Access to data that helps you optimize operations and make better decisions
  • Track locations of assets, rentals, and more
  • Easily communicate with team members
  • Increased accountability 
  • Better communication with vendors

What Are the Benefits of Job Site Management Software?

Makes You Feel Superhuman 

Your time at work is valuable. Time-consuming tasks and complicated processes take your valuable time away from the things you are best at—those things that you actually love doing. Applying technology that is made to automate the small, tedious parts of your job ultimately empowers you to focus your full time and attention to the truly important tasks. Which practically makes you feel superhuman. 

Creates a Single Source of Truth

Having a single place where information surrounding job sites, equipment, and vendors that can be both updated in real-time and accessed from anywhere allows your team to stay on the same page. No more communication breakdowns.

Empowers You to Make Better Decisions

Good technology should automate or make it easier to complete the time-consuming and complex parts of your job, while giving you access to data and insights. Leveraging the data from job site management software gives you an unfiltered view of your operations, revealing where improvements can be made, or where you’re seeing the most success.

How to Choose What Job Site Management Software is Right for You? 

Start with the features. Take the time to find the solution that has the features that will benefit you and your team. Once you find the ideal features, look at if the software actually provides you with convenience and comfort. 

A good technology solution needs to provide you with convenience — meaning that it’s a simple solution for a task or process you’re already doing. And it also needs to provide comfort — meaning it’s intuitive and easy-to-use, whether you’re the first in line for the new iPhone or proudly rocking a flip phone.

When technology considers these two aspects, it truly makes work lives easier and frees up the time and energy spent, allowing you to focus it in the right places. 

Digital Site Management & Procurement Built for Operations Teams

Technology can empower us to reach new levels of productivity and efficiency that were once impossible. By introducing job site management software, you are gaining visibility into your rental spend, getting the tools to plan and manage equipment, services, and more across projects, simplifying vendor management, and streamlining the request for quote process with one platform. 

Overall, job site management software helps operations teams improve site and spend visibility while streamlining processes involving equipment sourcing, vendor management, quote tracking, and more.

Whether it’s a drilling site, construction project, or a renewable energy build-out, job site management capabilities from Fieldeye give you the power to simplify operations and increase visibility. Get a guided tour of the platform today to see how it works.

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