Today we’re excited to announce an exciting addition to our platform: Project Planner. The new feature is an important step forward in enhancing our existing site management, vendor management, procurement, and quote tracking capabilities inside FieldEye.

Project Planner perfectly compliments our advancements in the overall project management and procurement process by helping operations teams stay organized, create projects, and manage project plans in one centralized location. 

Introducing Project Planner 

FieldEye Project Planner

FieldEye has always enabled the efficient execution of just-in-time or “on-demand” rentals. But now with Project Planner, you are empowered to efficiently plan out projects, timelines, and the equipment or services you need along the way.

Plan with Precision, Adjust and Report in Real-time

Project Planner allows you to plan and organize the equipment, services, and more that your jobs need at every phase—from construction to production. When plans change (as they always do), you can respond and adjust at lightning speed. Instead of spending hours compiling reports, you can gather everything you need in one centralized place and instantly see data from across your entire operation.

A Seamless Transition from Planning to Procurement 

Request Quotes - Provider Match

Now that you can plan your projects effectively and quickly, you can seamlessly move into requesting quotes, negotiating prices, easily working with your approved vendors, and more with just a few clicks. Everything you need is right at your fingertips. 

Effective Planning and Procurement All in One Place 

We are so excited to bring this new functionality to our platform and take another step forward in improving planning, procurement, and management processes for operations teams. By creating a fast, effective, and centralized planning workflow, Project Planner allows you to spend your time and expertise where it matters most. 

If you have any questions about how the project planner works, we’d love to hear from you

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