We are very excited to announce our new ebook: Technology Solution Revolution: What It Means for Oil and Gas

Thanks to Industry 4.0, oil and gas companies now have access to more capable and easy-to-use technology than ever before. But implementing and utilizing that technology across the organization to increase productivity and profitability is still a challenge. So we asked our experts to weigh in and walk us through the why, what, and how.

In this ebook, Lance Richardson, Zach Holmquist, and Jonathan Scheiner give insight into the following:

  • How Industrial Technology Solutions Have Failed Us
  • Industry 4.0: Why It Matters for Industrial Markets
  • The Two Keys to Powerful Industrial Technology: Convenience and Comfort

Want a sneak peek inside the ebook? Check out the intros from each FieldEye expert below and download the full Technology Solution Revolution: What It Means for Oil and Gas ebook right here.

Industrial Technology Solutions Have Failed Us

By Lance Richardson, Co-founder of FieldEye 

When I’m at home I can tap a button and my lights turn on, tap another button and dinner is ordered, scream at my Alexa and I instantly order more toilet paper.

Why isn’t industrial tech this simple?

In industrial markets, we go from having damn-near superhuman powers given to us from the tech in our daily lives, to being sent back to the year 2000 with our tech at work. All that’s missing is that brick Nokia phone. (Still proud of my high score in Snake though.) 

Other industries have innovated. Retail, financial services, and healthcare have all seen incredible and steady advancements in the technology they use on the job. Why are industrial technology solutions stuck ten years behind?

Our industry is no stranger to innovation. Developing and revolutionizing how we get resources out of the ground is at the heart of oil and gas. And sure, we’ve stepped up our game in making the most of GPS and RFID tech in the field, but bringing innovation to the back-office is practically nonexistent. I’m talking about those time-consuming, complex processes that fill our days with menial work. Things we do every day, like managing our job sites, sourcing equipment, tracking quotes, and the like remain completely unaddressed.

Current industrial technology solutions have failed us. You deserve tech that makes you superhuman, not stuck in the past.

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Industry 4.0: Why It Matters for Industrial Markets

By Zach Holmquist, CPO at FieldEye

All through history, we’ve entered different periods of time defined by groundbreaking technological advancements. In the industrial sector, through the advent of much of the technology we use today we’ve entered the Fourth Industrial Revolution, also known as Industry 4.0. 

And while this new era sounds like a dystopian future overrun by our benevolent robotic overlords, there’s an immense amount of implications for those of us in the industry.

Given the speed of almost overwhelming change and innovation, it’s important to engage and understand what’s going on or we risk becoming antiquated, much like those who saw no other future beyond a horse when Henry Ford started mass-producing the automobile.

So, I’m here to break down (in buzzword-free and simple terms from the perspective of someone focused on the industrial sector) what Industry 4.0 is, why it matters to you, and how it is affecting our industry.

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The Two Keys to Powerful Industrial Technology: Convenience and Comfort

By Jonathan Scheiner, CEO at FieldEye

B2B technology providers that serve industrial markets have been focused solely on functionality for years. The technology that was built in the early 2000s (aka the dot-com boom) was able to get away with just functionality. If it worked, automated a task, or made a job easier, that was all that was needed.

But times have changed. 

As consumers, in our day-to-day lives, we are surrounded by amazing and easy-to-use technology. Think of Amazon, Uber, Dropbox, Instacart and so many more that you use constantly. 

Then, when you compare the technology you use at work to what you use every day at home, it may be a very sad and disappointing comparison.

For so long, B2B technology has been lacking the convenience and comfort that is found in our consumer technology. But the advent of Industry 4.0 is sparking a much-needed movement in the world of B2B tech—creating more powerful and capable technology than ever before.

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The Start of a New Era 

An era of technology that provides convenience and comfort to industrial companies is upon us. Oil and gas companies have access to better technology solutions for every area of operations. But at the same time, if those companies don’t seek out the new innovations that come with Industry 4.0, their competitors can take advantage and move ahead.

Now is the time to step forward with the momentum of the Fourth Industrial Revolution—instead of being pulled forward later by necessity. It’s time to take action.

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Industry 4.0 + Oil and Gas

In the Technology Solution Revolution: What It Means for Oil and Gas ebook, FieldEye experts breakdown the why, what, and how of Industry 4.0 and its impact on oil and gas companies.

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