We are very excited to bring you our very first ebook: 5 Digital Marketing Must-Haves for Oilfield Service Companies. Even though we’re focused on digitizing the job site management and procurement side of operations with the FieldEye platform, we’re passionate about digitization across the entire organization. In this ebook, we’ll cover the fundamentals of creating a solid digital marketing strategy through the lens of an oilfield service company.

Lance Richardson, our co-founder and Chief Growth Officer, has lived through bringing modern marketing strategies to an oilfield service provider where he was the VP of Marketing and Sales. Here’s a peek at the ebook, starting with the foreword from Lance:

“In oil and gas, Sales is king. The relationships built by individuals serve as the foundation for how most business is done. Companies reap the benefits of this method, but usually at a high price. This high price is typically chalked up to simply being a cost of doing business.

At the same time, Marketing is consistently overlooked. It’s difficult for many businesses to connect the dots between marketing and revenue, especially when the line between a sales representative and revenue is so clear. However, I can tell you from experience that even a fundamental online marketing strategy has the potential to not only generate valuable leads but also positively influence sales. 

And it didn’t take a big investment—neither in dollars or headcount.
All you need is a few fundamental pieces. When done right, this alone has the power to directly impact the bottom line.

That’s really what we’re all about at FieldEye. Our mission is to find where tech meets grit, and it’s at this point where you’re able to feel almost superhuman. At the end of the day, it’s all about going digital—whether it’s job site management, procurement, or even marketing.”

- Lance Richardson Chief Growth Officer and Co-founder, FieldEye

Must-Have #1: An Easy-to-Manage Website

Have you looked at your company’s website lately? Is the design, information, and messaging up-to-date? If you’re like many oilfield service companies, your website has likely not been a priority in maintaining. But this is doing a huge disservice to your company! The majority of consumers want to invest some time into online research before they even think about giving you money. If your website isn’t a direct representation of how great and professional your company is, then you’re missing a huge opportunity.

In the full ebook, you’ll get insight and resources for building and managing your own website.

Must-Have #2: A Way to Capture and Route Leads

The main goal of a digital marketing strategy is to create a “coin-operated” lead generation and nurturing process. Which means that you bring in the right people as a lead and guide them through a learning process until they are ready to talk to sales—without ever having to lift a finger. 

Give the People What They Want

To have a successful strategy that brings in qualified leads (aka people that you would want to pass to your sales team), you need to: 

  1. Determine your ideal characteristics associated with a qualified lead
  2. Understand what challenges, problems, and questions your ideal lead may have
  3. Create pieces of content (blog posts, ebooks, webinars, etc.) that directly benefit your lead 

Creating Helpful Content 

Helpful content is the key to capturing lead’s information. There are countless forms that helpful content can take:

  • Blog post 
  • Newsletter
  • Ebook or Guide
  • Video 
  • Podcast
  • Webinar
  • Case Study

How to Route Your Leads 

After the user provides information to access gated content, you need to make sure they are handled with care. Think of routing your leads to sales as an education process that naturally guides your leads towards a sales conversation. Approaching lead nurturing in this way helps you not only qualify leads, but produce leads who are ready for a conversation with sales.

By focusing on giving your leads a clear path to follow (the CTAs sprinkled throughout your content) and by creating relevant content that resonates with your ideal customers, you’ll be funneling great potential customers right to your sales team. 

In the full ebook, we unpack all of this and more by starting with how to get leads, then move on to how to route them.

Must-Have #3: A Cohesive Social Presence

Social media can be a powerful tool to promote your brand voice, connect with potential customers, and solidify relationships you have already built. Ultimately, you want to be where your potential customers are and social media is a place where the majority of people spend their time.

Must-Have #4: A Fundamental Local SEO Strategy

No matter how big your company is, you most likely operate regionally. You only want to attract customers in the areas you serve. One way to laser focus your marketing efforts in the regions you serve is through a local SEO (search engine optimization) strategy. Through local SEO you’ll bring in better-qualified leads for your sales team.

Must-Have #5: A Way to Prove the Value

The final digital marketing must-have is the only one on our list that is exclusively for internal use at your company. Because when it comes down to it, showing the results and proving the value of your digital marketing efforts is arguably just as important as the tactics themselves. As Lance mentioned in the foreword, it’s difficult for many businesses to connect the dots between marketing and revenue. So it’s our job as marketers to make this as straightforward as possible.

We can accomplish this by consistently and repeatedly reporting on the metrics that matter. Using your existing CRM, it should be easy to set up fields to track lead sources, content downloaded, and more to set up reports on the metrics you need.

The Power of Marketing 

While sales is king in the world of oil and gas, marketing can be looked at as the sales team's greatest tool. Digital marketing efforts can bring in sales-ready leads that have been pre-determined to be the exact people your sales team wants to talk to. This ability to have leads that are ready to chat with sales, know who your company is, know exactly what you do, and are interested in how your products help them, is priceless on a sales call. 

While starting or ramping up your digital marketing efforts may seem overwhelming at first, focusing on these “must-haves” will put you on the right track to have successful marketing that translates into more sales and revenue.

For a deeper dive, how-to’s, and examples of the marketing tips, download the “5 Digital Marketing Must-Haves for Oilfield Service Companies” ebook today!

The Mission: Go Digital

In the 5 Digital Marketing Must-Haves for Oilfield Service Companies ebook, we outline five fundamental tips to create a solid digital marketing strategy that can directly impact your bottom line.

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